Good evening everyone. Doug Lynch here from Verbal Defense and Influence. Back in August, Gary and I were facilitating an Instructor Class in North Las Vegas. One of the student’s asked Gary if this, meaning Verbal Judo, always worked.

The short answer to that question is, no it doesn’t. Sometimes you do everything right and a situation still goes bad. It is referred to as the Crisis Intervention Fallacy concept. Below is a link to Gary explaining the concept in better detail and clarity than I can.

One thing I would like to add is this is an area where Verbal Defense and Influence has been evolving the Verbal Judo program. Sometimes words alone fail and you gotta know when and how to shift gears. We are training students to recognize when a situation is moving beyond words to action, how to clarify and plan what action to take and documenting the incident afterwards. Take a listen to Gary’s audio clip and please share your thoughts.

Gary speaking about the Crisis Intervention Fallacy

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