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We had a great Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Coaching Call last Week on the topic of Bystander Mobilization & Ethical Intervention.

The teleconference featured Jill Weisensel (, one of our consultants, and Jack Hoban, president of Resolution Group International ( They discussed the need for bystanders to intervene in order to protect others, why they don’t intervene, and how to mobilize them to intervene.

Jack Hoban answered a great question from Dan Garris, one of our instructors, about how to manage our feelings towards the person who bullies others – how to avoid hating them. Jack’s answer to the question was so powerful that he filmed his answer to share with you:

Jack & Jill will be featured at our upcoming Beyond Conflict Conference ( Please plan to attend.

Jack Hoban can be contacted directly at

Jill Weisensel can be contacted directly at

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