Spokane 2013 VDII Class Range Photo


This is Gary Klugiewicz.

Tony Pinelle and I are currently teaching a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructors Class at the Spokane, WA Police Department.

We found that Verbal Defense & Influence methodology has already been added to range training in the form of the Five Maxims of Human Interaction.

I love this hand written chart. It reads:

Tactical Interaction Concepts

Difficult Person won’t do as told the first time.

How Do We Look?

I.     Treat Everyone w/Dignity

Show Respect (Will Be Recorded)

II.    Ask For Desired Action / Result

III.   Explain Why – Set Context

IV.   Offer Options, Not Threats

V.    Give A Second Chance

If safe to do so.

Congratulations to the Spokane Police Department for adding Verbal Defense & Influence training to their recruit, inservice, and specialized training programs.


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