Want to improve your confidence in conflict? Here are 10 reasons to attend this year’s Beyond Conflict conference:

10.  You’ve misplaced your copy of “How to Speak Husband” (or Wife).
9.   You’ve realized that the two most ineffective phrases in the English language are “Because I said so,” and “or else …”
8.   Your child has come home from school in tears too often.
7.   You’re tired of diving under the desk every time your manager walks by.
6.   After a run-in with a challenging relative, you’ve done the “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve” mental replay one too many times.
5.   You can see your employees roll their eyes a mile away.
4.   You know pretending to be a tough guy isn’t the greatest solution for confronting a violent situation.
3.   Because you want to turn the “sticks and stones” myth into a reality.
2.   You don’t know what to do when you ask someone to do something and they just say no.
1.   It’s better than poisoning the water cooler.

Beyond Conflict 2014 will be held Nov. 6-8 in Louisville, KY. You’ll learn how to deal with all types of conflict and improve communication. It will help you improve your relationships, work environment and, most importantly, your life.

For a limited time, we’re giving you a bonus reason to attend.

11. Save $$$ by registering NOW to take advantage of early-bird pricing.

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