Hi, Katherine Isgren here.

Verbal Defense and Influence training has various methods of working through conflict or handling stresses. Treating people right by giving them dignity and respect is the #1 Maxim in the 5 Maxims training.

Dignity and respect are not earned here but given unconditionally regardless of what someone does or does not say or do. There are no exceptions here for Maxim#1.

Treat people with dignity and respect regardless.

In the tensions that are part of professional and personal life, we can complicate our lives and aggravate our difficulties by insisting our views be accepted.

Any criticism, justified or not , heated denials, or irrationals discussions might increase the tension and cause a row.

Todays Reminder:
Winning someone over to our view is not our goal. I need not react. What would I gain?

I can cheerfully ignore or withdraw from any argument realizing an exchange of hostile words will help no one. To withdraw may not make you the winner but you have saved your own dignity and respect by showing it to another. That seems to look like a double winner in communication skills.

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