This week Gary Klugiewicz and Mike Delvaux will be conducting a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

Check out Gary and Mike working on their Thinker Stances in front of one of the many attractions in the Amusement Park right outside of their classroom.



The Mall of America security department has been training their staff in verbal skills since 1995 when two of their instructors attended a class with Dr. Thompson and Gary Klugiewicz in Florida.

Last year they sent instructors to their first Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class in Colorado.

Mall of America is now hosting their first Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class, attracting instructors from throughout the United States and from far away as England. Their security department has obvious internalized there verbal tactics.



Take a look at the SHOWTIME sign featured above their training room door and the tactic poster featured on their training room wall. Gary and Mike are looking forward to a great week of training at the Mall of America.



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