While a passenger on an airplane recently, I was sitting alongside a young person who happened to be clicking away on his smart phone. As our plane was preparing to pull away from the gate, the flight attendant made the announcement to “Please turn off all electronic devices.”

However, my young friend continued to click away on the phone.

One of the flight attendants came down the aisle shortly after the announcement and asked the young man to turn off the electronic device. Another minute later, the flight attendant did a final walk-through and saw my non-compliant fellow passenger still clicking on the phone.

This time, the attendant took a command voice and told the individual to turn off the phone. The flight attendant tarried so as to visually verify that the phone was turned off.

Later, as the plane landed and the passengers departed, one family had their hands full with two small children and extra carry on gear, including a stroller. That same flight attendant met this family in the walkway and began conversing with the father in Spanish.

To me, this showed the ultimate respect to the Spanish-speaking father—acknowledging his culture.

This was also a matter of treating the man with dignity. The flight attendant was able to switch verbal gears at each human and cultural interaction on the plane, demonstrating the flexibility and situational awareness required to keep passengers safe.


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