Hello, this is Andrew Garrison, a consultant with the Vistelar Group.
My area of focus is on wellness and how it affects ourselves and interpersonal interactions.
To uphold each other’s dignity–to honor life worth–requires common values. We have found that clients value–in no particular order of importance–the following four things: FAMILY, FAITH, HAPPINESS AND HEALTH.
We surely understand that values are unique to the individual and that values may become distorted so as to no longer support the big four. But, if these life values are indeed the most important things in our existence, then our personal wellness plan must uphold them at all levels of existence and through all people.
According to the National Wellness Institute, the Six Dimensions of Wellness are Physical, Occupational, Social, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual. These dimensions overlap to create personal wellness profiles.
In turn, these profiles ensure life balance and uphold life values. A valid wellness plan must provide support; from overall vision and mission down to detailed objectives and strategies.
As social beings, upholding dignity in self and others is a lifelong journey that starts with self-care and, if the light is bright enough, expands to illuminate the rest of the world.
Andrew Garrison
Wellness In Mind

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