MLS soccer refs learn effective communication

Hello, Pete Jaskulski here.

On Friday night Jeff Triplette gave a presentation and I followed with a presentation on the Verbal Defense & Influence Concepts for effective communication. On Saturday morning the group received a 3 hour VDI presentation.

After lunch the group was divided up for the afternoon sessions. Tim Weyland presented Referee field mechanics, Bill Dittmar presented Assistant Referee field mechanics and the third station was a fitness test.

The weekend was resounding success. Not only were we able to present tactics on how to improve the communications skills of these officials, I learned a lot while attending the field sessions and interacting with the soccer world.

It became even more evident how the Ten Verbal Defense & Influence Concepts are integrated in soccer officiating. I was humbled when Bill and Tim referred to some of the concepts during their training sessions.

Finally, at lunch I was approached by a gentleman that introduced himself as Robert. He stated “you have inspired me.” He said he moved to the United States three years ago and left the medical profession to become a police officer so he can have more of an impact on helping people. He is currently working as a security officer until he gets his citizenship and then he will join law enforcement.

This is such a great example of how universal the VDI concepts are for effective communication. I came to teach the concepts to officials (who indicated they loved it) and the message also resonated with Robert who aspires to become a police officer. I would say that’s success times two.

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