Hello, Doug Lynch here with Verbal Defense and Influence. The video attached below came across my desk and, I have to admit, stopped me in my tracks. It appears to be a bear saving the life of a bird in distress. Please, give it a watch and see if you agree.

Bear saves drowning bird

Being lucky enough to have a mentor in Jack Hoban (www.rgi.co), he spends a chunk of his valuable time trying to educate me on implications of the Dual Life Value. Which, when boiled down to it’s most basic essence, states that all life has value.

And that is the absolute value that all other values are judged by. If it supports the life value, it is moral. Sounds simple but, it is not. Our world is a complicated place.

But then again, it seemed pretty simple to the bear. Maybe he could teach us all something about being an Ethical Protector.


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