Greetings. Jessica Brogley here. I am a certified VDI trainer and instructor with the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. I have a cute story to share with you about how my son is using the verbal communication strategies I’ve been teaching him.

My 6-year-old son is still having a hard time sleeping in his own bed. He likes crashing just about anywhere, but his own bed.

Tonight I asked him to retreat to his bed, and he gently approached me and said, “Hey Mom, you know the rules in our house, the one about second chances. It’s #5. Well, I’d like a chance to sleep out of my bed. I will be super quiet this time.”

I chuckle because this is a good sign that the 5 Maxims have become just part of how our house functions; furthermore, it’s proof that even children can understand and apply these communication skills.

Teach your children the 5 Maxims and hold yourself to them as well.

I promise good things to come from better communication.


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