Andrew Garrison is a wellness coach and Verbal Defense & Influence instructor who has garnered national attention as a presenter at public safety and healthcare conferences.

He takes a unique approach to the management of conflict by including mental, physical and spiritual health into the equation.

Today, Andrew briefly talks about the nutritional choices we make on a daily basis with the goal of helping you improve your health because you can’t be your best unless you feel your best.

His thoughts follow…


Vast amounts of contradictory nutrition information ultimately amount to zero help for the layperson.

We believe that preparedness requires the filtering information through the lens of critical thinking. The next time you decide to kill a hunger pang, ask yourself introspective questions:

Am I choosing honorably? Is the food I chose indeed real food or a just a food-like product?

Am I preparing honorably? Is my food prepared in a way that maximizes micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) or have I given up honorable preparation for the “convenience” of overcooked fast-food slop?

Am I consuming my food with honor and grace or do I blindly scarf down my meal without thought? Do I eat until viscerally satisfied or do I blindly stuff myself into a caloric coma?

Don’t Just Eat. Nourish and Fuel!

Wellness In Mind

-Andrew Garrison


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