Andrew Garrison returns with another tip on food in relation to well being.

Today he talks about being aware of how the food you eat truly makes you feel. This is something you must be in the moment to determine.

So next time you eat, this is what Andrew recommends you ask yourself…


Instead of unconsciously shoveling food-like products down your pipe, we urge you to be fully awake and totally present with your nourishment.

Take a small taste of your food and enjoy the sensations at every step:

How does your food look?
How does it smell?
How does it feel in your mouth?
How does it sound as you chew?
How does food affect your mood?

When food is in your mouth, keep your hands empty. You cannot fully enjoy a taste of food while simultaneously cutting up the next bite, texting a message, driving or any other form of multitasking.

Assess satiety (suh-TIE-ity) by experiencing the effect of food throughout your whole being.

Eat until satisfied-leave stuffed on the plate!

Wellness In Mind
-Andrew Garrison


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