Hello There, Gary Klugiewicz here.

Joel Lashley, Fred Carsky, and I just spent a very productive week with healthcare professionals at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy conducting an Interventions for Patients with Challenging Behaviors Instructor Class.


Two exciting insights came out of this class:

1. The first Communicating under Pressure Card concept is that we should Be Alert & Decisive / Respond, Don’t React. We honed in on the Respond, Don’t React part.

Someone said that staff members have to react to emergency situations. We suggested that staff members should “respond” to emergencies / not to “react” to emergencies because professionals respond while amateurs react. The existence of a preplanned practiced response makes all the difference between having plan and winging it.

2. Since this was a healthcare focused class for hospital, mental health, and treatment facility staff members, the topic of Trauma Informed Care came up.

From the conversations that ensued, it became apparent that the Verbal Defense & Influence training program is the “how” behind how to deliver this Trauma Informed Care. Our training’s emphasis on empathy, looking through the eyes of another, is exactly where Trauma Based Care needs to begin.

Watch for the upcoming Instructor Coaching Call on Trauma Informed Care. Have a great day.



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