The following is taken from an exercise blog posted by Phil Black: “Compulsive or Committed?” Notice how smoothly Black deflects the insulting comment by a bystander as Black drops down for a few push-ups at a soccer game:


Compulsive or Committed?

I was watching my son’s soccer game last weekend when I decided to knock out some push-ups. I missed my morning workout and was anxious to make up for lost time. I took a knee and start doing sets of 10 push-ups on the grass sideline.

Why not? I wondered. I’m just standing around doing nothing anyway.

Just as I stood up from my first set, some guy looked at me and smugly asked: “A little compulsive are we?”

I took a deep breath. As annoyed as I was with this guy’s comment, I remained calm. I smiled at him and replied, “Nope. Not compulsive. Just committed. But thanks for asking.”

What a clown. This guy had the nerve to stand there with his beer belly and Starbucks coffee and try to make me feel stupid for doing push ups? I don’t think so, pal.

I don’t consider myself “compulsive” just because I try to maintain a consistent workout routine. Yes, it’s not a common sight to see an adult doing push-ups on the sidelines of a soccer game – but who cares? It’s hard to find time to exercise during the day, so why not make use of idle time at a soccer game? And if that’s considered compulsive – than I can live with it.

Ironically, several parents eventually joined me for a few sets of push-ups. It was great. It immediately energized them and made them smile. It has now become a weekly ritual for weekend soccer games that the parents look forward to.

My guess is that 9 out of 10 parents standing on the sidelines with me would likely claim that they had “no time” to exercise that day. What about the 40 minutes of standing on the sideline texting on your phone? Lack of time is an excuse that is used far too often.

It’s hard to be an outlier. It takes guts and leadership to do things that most people wouldn’t think to do. I encourage all of you to be an outlier when it comes to fitness. If you stick with the masses, chances are you’ll end up just like the masses – massive!

Fit fitness into your life whenever possible. Our lives have become so sedentary that any little bit of exercise helps.

Compulsively yours,

Phil Black

So what do you think of Black’s routine? Is he compulsive or just dedicated to his workout routine? How do you feel the outcome would have changed if instead of remaining calm, he lost his cool when confronted by that man on the sideline?

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