Hello there, Mike Delvaux here.

I would like to congratulate these students who just completed an instructor level class in “Principles of Subject Control (POSC®) for Treatment Professionals” in Milwaukee, WI. They were part of a group that had just previously received instructor certifications in “Interventions for Patients with Challenging Behaviors” which emphasizes Verbal Defense and Influence to respond appropriately in a treatment oriented environment.

move beyond words group photo

This group of treatment professionals then went on to the POSC instructor class which dealt with what to do when verbal skills alone do not work and it is time to “move beyond words.”

Some things that they said they learned from the class include:

  • The importance of knowing when to escalate to physical control in order to keep everyone safe
  • The importance of using appropriate verbal skills even when applying physical control techniques
  • Tactics that assist in controlling and stabilizing a violent person
  • The difference between Control Alternatives and Protective Alternatives

With these two new certifications I believe these treatment professionals will be able to provide a great service to their agencies by teaching their staff how to keep everyone safe while ensuring their clients are always treated with dignity and shown respect.


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