Hello there. Gary Klugiewicz here.

Joanne Glantz joined Tony Pinelle and me this week to train with the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections for a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class. It has been an interesting and productive week.

We have been adding a series of Emotionally Safe Performance-Driven Instruction activities to our program including Showtime, Redirection, Paraphrase, and Presenting Options exercises.

Joanne Glantz, one our Vistelar Consultants, has been wonderful to work with at this training class. Her area of expertise is risk management with a lifetime of experience working for regional insurance companies that insure cities.

In the video posted below, she shares how Verbal Defense & Influence concepts can be used to assist in the interview process of new employees. This includes asking them if they can become representatives of the organization in order to become part of the unique culture that exists at work.

She also suggested that you ask new hires if they are comfortable with change which is the only constant in modern organizations.

Finally, Joanne shared one of her major recommendations for companies to avoid risk management problems – have your staff make a list of the ten most prevalent examples of verbal abuse that your staff faces, create appropriate responses, and then have you staff practice those responses.

This leads to fewer staff meltdowns caused by being unprepared for predictable conflict situations with the people that they interact with on a daily basis.

If you would like to learn more about how Verbal Defense & Influence can be used in hiring new employees, Joanne will be attending the upcoming Beyond 2014 Conflict that will be held November 6-8, 2014 in Louisville, KY.

Watch the video and comment below.


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