Hi there. Gary Klugiewicz here.

Tony Pinelle and I just finished an Interventions for Patients with Challenging Behaviors Instructor Class at the Colorado Mental Health Institute – Pueblo.

It was a great class with lots of new activities.

One of the activities was practicing how to present the Five Maxims to your boss in a elevator speech. An elevator speech is the golden moment when your boss asks you what you learned at a class that you just attended.

It is named for the two minutes that you have to market new ideas to your boss during an elevator ride.

Take a look at the elevator speech that Jayme practices for her golden moment:


Five Maxims Elevator Speech

My name is Jayme and this week I have learned about the Five Maxims. The Five Maxims are part of a concept that will help us to prevent conflict, manage conflict when it occurs, and help us in coming together after conflict has taken place.

With this concept we are encouraged to focus on how people are the same rather than our differences. All people want to be treated with dignity while being shown respect. We are all familiar with the golden rule; however this concept gives us a platinum rule that states that we should treat people the way that we would like to be treated under identical circumstances.


Breaking down the Maxims

This sounds like great practice doesn’t it? There are Five Maxims that sum up how to show people respect.

  1. We should listen with all of our senses. Pay attention to body language, environment and other non-verbal cues that can give more information than listening alone.
  2. We should ask people rather than telling them to do something. Doesn’t it sound better when something sounds like a polite request instead of an order?
  3. We should tell people why we are asking them to do something. It always helps to fill people in. When someone explains why they are requesting you to do something it helps make you feel like you are valued enough to deserve an explanation.
  4. We should give people options rather than threats. Options give someone choices they can make to shape a situation themselves whereas threats can make someone feel cornered.
  5. We should give people a second chance. Think about it, everyone has that one situation or perhaps many situations that they wish they could approach differently now.

Following the Five Maxims helps us to generate voluntary compliance, cooperation and collaboration. The Five Maxims are the foundation of our communication system. They are the basis of our tactics.

They guide our actions and assist us in explaining our response to conflict situations. During the class we used our new Content XLerator technology to phone in their elevator speech to get the sound right. We also filmed this presentation to get the visuals right.

It was a great activity that allowed the instructors taking the class to get their Verbal Defense & Influence philosophy’s performance up to speed. Tony and I would like to thank these instructors for their professionalism and hard work.


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