Vistelar Media Director, Ben Merens appeared on a local talk show this morning sharing listening tips and stories from his book People Are Dying To Be Heard.

You can see the 8 minute interview here:

The Importance of Listening – listening tips for life

The book discusses the importance of listening to:

  • ourselves
  • our loved ones
  • people we don’t know

In the book, Ben shares listening tips that people can use everyday to be more present in their own lives and enrich the lives of others. The paperback book is a new companion to his previous audiobook by the same name.

Perhaps the most surprising piece of advice Ben gives in his book is about the importance of listening to strangers. Both in the book and on today’s interview, he shares a story of why taking the time to speak with – and listen to – those that we don’t know can be so important.

Ben recalls a story he was told about a couple in a park who noticed a man climbing over a safety rail on a bridge and was getting ready to jump in an apparent suicide attempt. The couple walked up to the man and suggested that he sit down on a nearby bench and tell them why he wanted to end his life.

After 30 minutes of talking, the man from the bridge walked off away from the bridge.

It’s stories like this that highlight the importance of taking the time to listen to ourselves and others.

You can get People Are Dying To Be Heard on his website,


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