Recently, my college Verbal Defense & Influence class spent a special week focusing on the research and teachings of one of the leading figures in Verbal Defense & Influence: consultant Joel Lashley.

The students read articles written by Lashley and then two students each day for a week gave a power point presentation / summary of the article they chose to read.

The students chose from among the following five articles which dealt with topics from Autism to Gateway Behaviors to Hospital Security. I highly recommend all of these articles for consideration for use by VDI instructors in their classrooms.

Here are Lashley’s articles:

• Autism Tsunami

• How to Speak Autism: Part 1

• How to Speak Autism: Part 2

• Gateway Behaviors Are Like Gateway Drugs

• Hospital Security: Strengthening the Weakest Link

What do you think about Joel’s adaptation of Verbal Defense & Influence? Is it something you can incorporate into your personal or professional life?

Share your thoughts below.


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