Tony Pinelle recently explained how to make your Persuasion Sequence more effective by incorporating the Four Appeals into your communication.

We know that once we utilize the Universal Greeting to create a reasonable doubt in the person’s mind that you are not a jerk, using the Persuasion Sequence is the best way to overcome verbal resistance. Tony explains the four appeals that were made famous by Dr. George Thompson are the best way to strengthen your persuasion.

The Ethical Appeal, Rational Appeal, Practical Appeal, and Practical Appeal combine to develop the strongest tactics in managing difficult people. Learn why the combination of these appeals helps to overcome resistance in order to generate voluntary compliance, cooperation, and collaboration.

The following is a breakdown of these four appeals:

  1. Ethical Appeal – establishes a relationship with the other person
  2. Rational Appeal – necessary to set the context
  3. Personal Appeal – identify what is in it for them
  4. Practical Appeal – this is the off-beat strategy that gives them the final option on how the situation will proceed

The use of these appeals goes a long way in helping you to look good, no matter where your current interaction ends up.

Mike Delvaux and Tony Pinelle will be teaching a special block on the Persuasion Sequence at this week’s Beyond Conflict Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

We hope to see you there. But if you can’t make it, check out the live stream of the conference at

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