This is Gary Klugiewicz.

We have been conducting a whole series of Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Classes. Instructors in these classes are asked to create a peace story video to celebrate when things go better based on how they respond to either a professional contact or personal experience.

Watch Elizabeth Wilson’s peace story video. She tells how paying attending, responding to what you hear, professionally intervening, and taking appropriate action can lead to a peaceful resolution of a potentially explosive incident.

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I think you will agree that this is an example of Verbal Defense & Influence in action.

By intervening in a clearly volatile situation, Liz was able to help bring about a mutually positive resolution to something that could have spiraled into violence if left alone.

Once she realized that she was getting nowhere with the other professional, asking that person to leave was the first step in creating an environment more conducive to voluntary cooperation. The next step Liz took was to provide the upset girl with a few options.

When none of them appeared they were going to work, Liz let the situation play out. That hands-off approach is what allowed the girl to calm down and think reasonably about the options she was being presented with.

Congratulation to Elizabeth Wilson on a job well done.

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The world could use more peace stories. We have them. Why not share them?


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