Tony Pinelle is a senior consultant with the Vistelar Group. He has been conducting a series of Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor classes with Gary Klugiewicz for a wide range of contact professionals. Recently, he explained to a class how being videotaped on duty shouldn’t be something you fear – it should be welcomed.

Tony loves to share strategies & tactics for using video to highlight the professionalism of people doing their job right.

He explains that video can be your best friend in the evaluation of your performance. Yes, you need to act appropriately but with or without sound you can look good in front of the camera.

As the video camera becomes ever more present (cell phones, tablets, surveillance cameras and body cameras to name a few), professionals will have to adapt.

Professionals should learn how to best perform and position themselves in front of the video camera. A video camera can be a professional’s best friend if you act like a professional. Remember that 50 – 60% of your success is based on your non-verbals. Use them well.

Watch the accompanying video to learn more about why you shouldn’t be afraid to be videotaped on duty.

Tony Pinelle: Being videotaped on duty

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