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This is Gary Klugiewicz.

Recently Joel Lashley shared the importance of using the appropriate facial expression for the situation.

Tony Pinelle recently build upon this this discussion to explain just what is the right face to wear for the different circumstances that we experience. He emphasizes the need to create an empathetic face to demonstrate the concern that is so important for generating voluntary compliance, cooperation, and collaboration.

He also framed the discussion around how using the proper facial expressions are part of meshing skills.

Meshing skills includes ensuring that the tone of your voice, your body language and facial expressions all match. If they don’t, people will be able to see right through that and any credibility you had will be lost.

When you need to persuade someone, your expression needs to be one of empathy. Presenting the Four Appeals with the right face will make your Persuasion Sequence much more effective.

Watch the video and provide your comments on the use of appropriate facial expressions below.

And remember, “The face. Is it courteous when it needs to be courteous? Is it stern when it needs to be stern? But above all, is it empathetic?”

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