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Jeff Mehring, the regional director of security for southeastern Wisconsin, has been a regular contributor to the Vistelar Blog.

See his blogs on the concept of Speech Act – what the concept trustworthiness really entails – and the difference between sympathy, empathy, and compassion.

Jeff Mehring Speech Act Article

Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion

This blog will focus on the death of social contracting in Verbal Defense.

The title alone should catch you attention. We spend a lot of time explaining the concept of social contracts, i.e. individual agreements about how to behave within organizations. Can social contracting be dead?

You will be happy to learn that Jeff doesn’t think that they are dead but that they are changing.

The diversity of our society culturally, ethically, and socially make the traditional social contract less clear. In order to re-establish them, we must engage in “expectation contracting” prior to fixing a social contract for behavior.

This is true in the classroom, the emergency room, and for police on the street. Clear expectations need to be established before a social contract can be finalized.

This begins with treating each other with dignity and showing each other respect.

The Death of Social Contracting in Verbal Defense

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