Today we take a look at how young employees can best present themselves so they can be seen in the light their company wants them to be seen ad develop the professional skills they will need for the rest of their career.

Professional presence is all about providing great customer service based around the idea of MMFI or Make Me Feel Important.

MMFI starts with developing the right body language when it’s Showtime. That means appropriate eye contact, a natural smile, good posture and a firm handshake.

Acknowledging others with this professional body language can set the tone for a positive interaction with customers, co-workers and bosses.

Developing these skills and putting them into practice is the focus of today’s podcast. So listen and learn about what young employees need to do to develop their professional presence now and in the future.

The role of technology briefly comes up in the discussion. What impact do you feel the current technology and social media trends play in helping or hindering young employees’ ability to develop interpersonal communication skills?


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