Hello, this is Gary Klugiewicz.

The Radio Health Journal ( www.RadioHealthJournal.net ) is a constant source of audiotape programs for the Vistelar Blog. In this podcast episode, they talk about how doctors are being taught to show compassion all over again.

It’s the communication skills that has been lacking in medicine for a long time because of a study done years ago that found emotional detachment to be preferable to letting a doctor’s feelings get involved.

Doctors have often been advised to avoid emotions regarding patients in order to keep their decisions objective. However, this has led many patients to believe doctors don’t care about them.

A new movement in medicine seeks to reverse the trend and put compassion back in medicine, led by a “Healer’s Art” class in many medical schools.

Experts who teach the class explain how this is done.

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Do any of the goals of the Healer’s Art class sound familiar? Many of the same communication skills that Verbal Defense & Influence teaches are aimed at communicating concern, showing compassion and treating others with dignity by showing respect.

Let me know what you think about doctors undergoing this training to help them display their emotions more freely. Do you think it’s good for medicine?


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