Good morning.

This is Gary Klugiewicz,

As we begin the new year, I would like to take the time to share a peace story about a juvenile correctional professional who took the time to do it right. Meet Martin Romero. He was able to assist with the peaceful resolution of a very volatile situation that could have gone either way.

Watch his operationalization of the Five Maxims – treating these juvenile detainees with dignity by showing them respect. Check out the way he used asking, telling people why, giving options, and, whenever possible, giving people a second chance before taking appropriate action. Martin kept his cool, listened, figured out what was really going on, and worked with the juvenile to find a peaceful resolution to the problem.

I loved the juvenile’s last comment to the other juvenile. The juvenile was obviously learning how to better resolve conflict.

While you are watching the video, check out the background. Colorado has some exception scenery.

Let you me know what you think about Martin Romero’s response in this peace story.

Personally, I love to see professionalism in action.

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