Trust, respect, and dignity are fundamental to the well-being of any group, whether it’s a family, an office, an organization, or a nation. I recently read a good leadership article; Workplace Sanity is Within Reach, by S. Chris Edmonds.

You may read the article here:

In this article, Edmonds mentions: There is undeniable proof that when work environments demonstrate trust, respect, and dignity to every player in every interaction, engagement goes up, customer service goes up, and results and profits go up. While reading this article, the high quality of the Verbal Defense & Influence program came immediately to mind.

Implementing VDI, in any organization of any kind, will contribute to what Edmonds describes above. Customer satisfaction will go up. Complaints will go down. Opportunities for litigation will be minimized. Professionalism will go through the roof. And for those in professions involving ethical protection, safety increases.

This article makes clear the value gained from a foundational truth of VDI: Treating everyone with dignity by showing them respect is the pathway to success, professionalism, and safety.

Robert Whiteside, March 2015

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