Ben Merens and I have been conducting our first Online Practitioner Course. We have had a lot of fun working together. New technology have help to make this truly an Emotionally-Safe Performance Driven Instruction event. The new Content Xlerator program has allowed students to audiotape and videotape their assignments and send them to us. In addition, they can review each other’s assignments online in order to compare and contrast how they have done while learning for each other. It has been quite interesting with everyone able to interact in our forums and chat in real time during the weekly classes.

I have posted the redirection and persuasion sequence audiotape assignment created by Bob Potemski, one of our attendees. This example demonstrates the importance of knowing your job, keeping your cool, and being able to communicate in an effective manner with a difficult person. Bob truly is looking and sounding good. Bob, thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Please comment below on what you think about Bob’s performance.

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