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Gary T. Klugiewicz:
Intensely focused, deeply committed

Gary Klugiewicz with two Vistelar ConsultantsGary Klugiewicz, who heads up our Consultant team at Verbal Defense & Influence, is well placed among the top law enforcement trainers in the nation.

Gary has developed programs for police, corrections, mental health, security professionals and the military, including team tactics training for SWAT, CERT, and Crowd Management Teams. He is the developer of the Active Countermeasures System of Unarmed Blocking and Striking Techniques. Additionally, he is a former Street Smart Survival instructor.

Gary’s known for his high-intensity approach to training, a reflection of his years as a national champion fighter in Kyokushin Karate (he’s fought both here and in Japan). Since then, his name has become synonymous with safe but realistic, intense, dynamic simulation training.

Gary is gifted educator who understands the needs of adult learners. His teaching encompasses sub-skill development, guided discovery, decision making simulation scenarios, and positive group debriefing techniques.

Gary is often called to testify as a use-or-force defense expert, defending scores of officers in legal proceedings. He is a former captain with 25 years of experience within the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department.

He is currently employed as a consultant with PoliceOne as a use-of-force expert, researcher, and content developer.  Gary is also the director of Active Countermeasures Instructional Systems (ACMi® Systems), a partner in the Vistelar consortium.

More about Gary:

1. During his last years with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, Gary headed up a special management unit for the mentally ill: “When I retired, there was some question whether I would be released or not … I related too well to the persons displaying signs and symptoms of mental illness.”

2. Kyokushin Karate is also known as “Knockdown Karate;” Gary is the survivor of a black belt testing procedure in which he had to fight 3-minute rounds against a new opponent. He fought in 30 consecutive rounds.

3. Gary’s Curriculum Vitae is 38 pages long. It’s either a throwback to his law enforcement days where you “document everything, or it didn’t happen.” Or, he concedes, it’s because he just can’t remember it all (see #2).

4. Leaving nothing to chance, Gary travels to training engagements with a full range of audiovisual equipment. In airports around the country, Gary is profiled as HEBV (Habitual Excessive Baggage Violator).

5. To view Gary’s Curriculum Vitae, click here.